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Chemtronics 99.8% IPA Isopropyl Alcohol, 1 gal

Fosco Connect Part No.: SP-348X855

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Chemtronics 99.8% IPA Isopropyl Alcohol, 1 gal

The Chemtronics®1 gallon / 3.7 L container of Isopropyl Alcohol is used for general purposes - to clean a variety of substrates, remove all types of residues, oxides, oils, and contaminants. Its application extends the life of the equipment and recorded media. The 99.8% pure IPA is highly effective for fiber optic cleaning - it cleans fiber jumpers, ports, and end-faces of all connector types.

The Chemtronics cleaning solvent features low surface tension, quick evaporation, safe application on most plastics and elastomers, plus compatibility with the most materials used in electronics. No special surface preparation is required. Use IPA Chamois Tips Swabs and all other Chemtronics Swabs and Wipes to get optimum results of wet/wet-to-dry or combination cleaning.

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