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Connect-O Clean Ferrule Cleaner for 1.25mm Connectors

Fosco Connect Part No.: F167125

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This Bulkhead Ferrule Cleaner features a novel dry cleaning strand to gently sweep and lift away dust and debris from the connector end face and eliminates the need to use solvents for an effective clean.

A simple pushing motion to engage the tool, an audible CLICK to alert the operator that the tool is fully engaged, a dust cap attached by a lanyard to prevent losing it, over 525 cleaning engagements per tool and the effectiveness of the cleaner to remove such contaminants as graphite, hand lotions, skin oils and Arizona road dust are just a few of the features of our single fiber cleaning tools.

  • Push type cleaner
  • Thin to clean SFP on bottom of PCB direct
  • Cleans in Adapters and Bulkheads,  Receptacles and Patchcord Connectors
  • 800+ cleans per unit
  • Effective Cleaning
  • Cleaning Cost Savings
  • Uses advanced cleaning thread which removes oil and dust better than present swabs
  • Easy and Simple and Pocket Portable

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