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Desco FSK-SPC Static Control Field Service Kit w/ 24"x24" Mat

Fosco Connect Part No.: SP-FSK-SPC

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Desco FSK-SPC Static Control Field Service Kit w/ 24"x24" Mat

The Desco FSK-SPC Anti-Static Field Service Kit is an effective personnel grounding system ideal for protecting static-sensitive components and circuit boards from the damaging effects of ESD. Consistent electrostatic discharge provides static shielding from charges on floors and work surfaces.

The FSK-SPC static-dissipative kit includes a mat (24" x 24") with two handy pockets (8" x 12" each), 12-foot ground cord, 12-foot coiled cord with banana/alligator plug, post snap and 1-MΩ resistor, bull clip and adjustable blue cloth wrist band. It comes enclosed in a resealable ESD shielding bag.

The tough, long-lasting work mat's resilient outer layer prevents tears and resists punctures. Sensitive parts wrapped in the mat for service center failure analysis are completely protected. An accepted rate of static decay enables the dissipative work surface to reduce the danger of ESD damage during repair functions in the field. The anti-static field service kit is made and tested in accordance with MIL HDBK 263, MIL STD 1686, EOS/ESD-SI-1987 and UK DEF. STD 59-98. The durable field service mat has black bound edging for long life. It weighs10 ounces. This lightweight work surface folds easily and fits neatly in a technician's case. 



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