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Digital USB Inspection Probe Kit With Auto Focus

Fosco Connect Part No.: F1DI2000

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Safely inspect connector endfaces and inside bulkheads with our Fiber Optic Inspection Microscope.

Because the image is viewed on a screen rather than directly there is no chance of eyes being damaged by laser light if the fiber is live.

Images can be viewed on the screen of your choice. Part number F1CI1000 is the same microscope but a 3.5” TFT monitor is included with the kit to view the images.


  • Fast, easy focus with one hand operation
  • 400x Magnification
  • Resolution 0.5µm detectable
  • Auto focus adjustment

Tips Included

  • F1-PT2FSPCF: Tip for SC & FC female PC type connector
  • F1-PT2LCPCF: Tip for LC female PC type connectors
  • F1-PT2U1.25PCM: Universal tip for 1.25mm male PC type connectors
  • F1-PT2U2.5PCM: Universal tip for 2.5mm male PC type connectors


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