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DIN-GBAR-5 - all copper grouding/earthing busbar for up to 5 POE-01-DIN protectors common ground connectivity

CTC Union Part No.: DIN-GBAR-5

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The DIN-GBAR-5 is an all copper metal earthing (grounding) busbar, with 5 notches for screw grounding connection of up to 5 units of POE-01-DIN Ethernet surge protectors. The earthing bar runs along the DIN rail without making electrical contact. This bar puts together all grounding screws of the POE-01-DIN protectors installed side by side on same DIN rail. Up to 17 pcs of the POE-01-DIN surge protectors can be installed on an 19" wide DIN rail but only 5 units can have the grounding connected with this copper bar.

Note: DIN-GBAR-5 is only the copper bar, the POE-01-DIN surge protectors or the DINRAIL-19 metal rails are sold separately.


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