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24-50P Exchange Cable BKMA Solid/Aircore/Alpeth/Duct

Mooseline Part No.: E-005024AAA

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For use in exchange and campus areas, supported by a pre-installed messenger.

Suitable for voice frequency, both analog and digital, on a selected pair assignment basis


  • Solid, annealed, bare copper conductors
  • Solid polyolefin conductor insulation color-coded to telephone industry standards
  • Insulated conductors are twisted into pairs of varying lengths of lay to minimize crosstalk
  • Pairs are stranded into units (and super units if required by pair count) and the resultant cable core is covered with a non-hygroscopic tape.
  • In cable sizes of 1,200 pair and greater, a mirror-image super unit-color-code system is adopted
  • The ALPETH cable sheath consists of 0.008 in., corrugated, aluminum shield and a black polyethylene jacket.
  • The jacket is sequentially printed with a footage marker at regular intervals

Tech. Info & Standards

  • Cable conforms to Bellcore specifications

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