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22-200P Exchange Cable PE-89 Foam Skin/Filled Core/Calpeth

Mooseline Part No.: E-020022DFC

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For use in exchange and campus areas, direct buried or installed in-duct.

Suitable for voice frequency use on all pairs and carrier frequency, both analog and digital, on a selected pair assignment basis.

For full pair utilization at carrier frequencies, a core-dividing screen is required. (See T1 cables.)


  • Solid, annealed, bare copper conductors
  • Conductor insulation is foamed polyolefin with a solid skin of the same material. Color-coded to telephone industry standards
  • Insulated conductors are twisted into pairs of varying lengths of lay to minimize crosstalk
  • Pairs are stranded into units (and super units, if required by pair count)
  • The cable core is filled with a waterproofing compound and wrapped with a non-hygroscopic core tape
  • Specifications permit six varieties of shielding, four of which are considered gopher-resistant
  • A flooding compound is applied over the core and to all surfaces of the shield/armor to resist moisture entry and corrosion
  • The cable is finished with a black polyethylene jacket which is sequentially printed with footage marker at regular intervals

Tech. Info & Standards

  • Cables with DFC suffix conform to ANSI ICEA 7CFR-1755-890.
  • Cables with DFO suffix conform to ANSI ICEA 7CFR-1755-089

Standard Cables

  • A 0.008 in. coated aluminum black polyethylene (SEALPIC-FSF) (Part No. suffix DFC)

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