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E-13-801 30mm Dia. x 100mm FL, Achromatic Singlet Lens

Fosco Connect Part No.: E-13801

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E-13801 30mm Dia. x 100mm FL, Achromatic Singlet Lens

Product Drawing

Diameter (mm): 30.00
Effective Focal Length EFL (mm): 100.00 @ 587.6nm
Back Focal Length BFL (mm): 111.14
Clear Aperture CA (mm): 24
Center Thickness CT (mm): 21.00
Substrate:  Zeonex E48R
Type: Achromatic Lens

Product Family Description

  • Diamond Turned Single Element Achromatic Lenses
  • Outperform PCX Lenses and Traditional Achromatic Lenses
  • Ideal for Broadband Focusing Applications

TECHSPEC® Achromatic Singlet Lenses are diamond turned aspheric achromatic lenses made of a single optical material, Zeonex E48R, that do not require optical cements or secondary materials to enhance color correction. The novel design has been shown to outperform traditional achromatic doublets by a factor of 3 and plano-convex (PCX) singlets by a factor of nearly 40 in terms of chromatic focal shift. TECHSPEC Achromatic Singlet Lenses are ideal for broadband focusing applications as well as ultraviolet applications where optical cement is not desired.



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