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E-65-998 12mm Dia. x 15mm FL, VIS Coated, Hybrid Asphere

Fosco Connect Part No.: E-65998

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E-65998 12mm Dia. x 15mm FL, VIS Coated, Hybrid Asphere

Product Coating Curve

Product Drawing

Diameter (mm): 12.00 +0.00/-0.10
Effective Focal Length EFL (mm): 15.00 @ 587.6nm
Numerical Aperture NA: 0.40
Back Focal Length BFL (mm): 12.95
Substrate:  Zeonex E48R
Aspheric Design Wavelength (nm): 587.6
Coating: BBAR (425-675nm)
Coating Specification: Ravg ≤0.75% @ 425 - 675nm
Surface Quality: 60-40
Clear Aperture CA (mm): 10.00
Edge Thickness ET (mm): 2.29
Center Thickness CT (mm): 3.70 ±0.10
f/#: 1.25
Bevel: Protective bevel as needed
Operating Temperature (°C): -30 to +70
Radius R2 (mm): 48.3
Shape of Back Surface: Convex
Wavelength Range (nm): 425 - 675
Conjugate Distance: Infinite

Product Family Description

  • Color-Corrected Plastic Aspheres
  • Diffractive Surface Minimizes Chromatic Aberration
  • Low-Cost, Molded Design

TECHSPEC® Plastic Hybrid Aspheric Lenses are molded aspheric lenses with diffraction-limited designs that eliminate chromatic aberrations caused by broadband light sources. These hybrid aspheric lenses are ideal for imaging or ophthalmic applications, or for use with tunable lasers or broadband or multispectral illumination sources. The aspheric lens eliminates spherical aberration, while the diffractive surface features a negative optical dispersion to yield excellent color correction.

TECHSPEC Plastic Hybrid Aspheric Lenses are similar in performance, but offer several advantages to our TECHSPEC Aspherized Achromatic Lenses. Hybrid aspheric lenses feature all-plastic, monolithic designs that are much lighter than comparable aspherized achromatic lenses. These optical lenses are also available in higher numerical apertures. However, plastic hybrid aspheric lenses are limited by the inherent diffraction efficiency of the aspheric surface, yielding lower overall transmission than comparable aspherized achromatic lenses.

These lenses won the 2011 Prism Award for Optics and Optical Components.



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