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E-87-189 C-Mount Achromat Pair 1:2 with 50 and 100mm Focal Lengths

Fosco Connect Part No.: E-87189

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E-87189 C-Mount Achromat Pair 1:2 with 50 and 100mm Focal Lengths

Product VIS 0 Coating Curve

Product Drawing

Surface Quality: 40-20
Working f/#: f/5.0 - f/125
Coating: VIS 0° (425-675nm)
Coating Specification: Ravg ≤0.4% @ 425 - 675nm
Aperture (mm): 0.8 - 20
Effective Focal Length EFL A (mm): 50.0
Effective Focal Length EFL B (mm): 100.0
Housing Diameter (mm): 38.00
Housing Length (mm): 45.9
Magnification: 1:2
Object Distance (mm): 35.00
Image Distance (mm): 85.00
Type: Relay Lens
Wavelength Range (nm): 425 - 675

Product Family Description

  • C-Mount Designs for Easy Integration into Imaging Applications
  • Feature Integrated Iris for Increased Control of Light Throughput
  • Ideal for Relay or Projection Applications

TECHSPEC® C-Mount Achromatic Pairs are designed to be easily integrated into a variety of OEM applications. TECHSPEC C-Mount Achromatic Pairs utilize an integrated iris to allow for user adjustment of numerical aperture and depth of focus. Each lens has been oriented for maximum system performance. The aluminum housing removes the risks associated with handling loose optics. Broadband visible coated lenses provide high transmission and low reflection loss over wide spectral regions.



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