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E-Series Fiber Ranger Fault Finder with Software (UPC Port)

Fosco Connect Part No.: F1FR15U

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The Fosco Fiber Ranger is a rugged, lightweight fiber optic fault finding tool. It can detect up to 8 faults with each measurement and identifies the location of each fault. The Fiber Ranger offers Live Fiber Detection as well as a Visual Fault Locator, Long Battery Life and Data Storage for up to 1,000 test results.

  • Portable, Rugged, Lightweight, Easy to use
  • More accurate testing results and better repeatability
  • Up to 8 fiber faults can be detected in each measurement
  • Automatic Pulse Width Control design to ensure a convenient operation
  • Easy to identify the faults location
  • Live fiber detection
  • OTDR connector for the fiber ranger port
  • Built-in visual fault locator (VFL), conveniently to find the faults in dead zone
  • Long battery life, up to 5000 measurements operation
  • Data storage function, up to 1000 test records
  • USB communication port for saved testing records download

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