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Fast Ethernet 24 BiDi 100Base BX all fiber ports + 4 SFP combo ports, L2 managed switch, rack 19"

Edge-Core Part No.: ECS3510-28F

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Product description
Edge-Core's ECS3510-28F is an exceptional Fiber Metro Access Switch, with single strand 100BaseBX fiber ports and enhanced security and management features, required for the FTTX deployments.

The ECS3510-28F is a 24 port 100Base-BX single strand Bi-Directional fiber switch with 4 combo SFP and copper Gigabit Ethernet ports for up-link and fiber optic connections. All fiber ports run B type WDM fiber ports with Tx:1550nm and Rx:1310nm wavelengths.

Besides the priority control support, an FTTx project needs also VLAN capabilities. Sometimes VLAN is used to segregate different services to same customer, but most often, VLAN networks are useful in sharing a same fiber optic link to several customers which are in proximity of each other and under the standard copper cable coverage(MDU - appartments or condominiums, MHU and business centers do qualify under these particular FTTB deployments). The ECS3510-28F switch supports port based VLAN, IEEE 802.1q VLAN and Q-in-Q VLAN tagging, rapid spanning tree and IGMP snooping. Its back-plane switching capacity is 12.8Gbps.

Probably one of the most important features of ECS3510-28F are its impressive QoS capabilities like: bandwidth control per port ingress and egress, 802.1p class of service, WRR and Strict Priority functions and Storm Control.

The ECS3510-28F offers also strong management support like: local console for CLI or Telnet, web interface and SNMP management. Multiple switch configurations can be stored and remote firmware upgrade keeps also previous version safe and ready to restore in case of failure.

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