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ECS4510-28T - Full Gigabit Ethernet 24 copper ports, 2 10G SFP+ ports, option for extra 2 10G SFP+ ports, Layer 2 managed switch, rack 19"

CTC Union Part No.: ECS4510-28T

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Product description
Edge-Core's ECS4510-28T is a high-end Ethernet switch featuring strong Layer 2 networking functions and providing 24 ports of 10/100/1000Base-TX copper ports, 2 built-in 10G SFP+ slots and an optional expansion module for two additional 10G SFP+ slots. Its stacking ability allows 36 switches to be managed from a single IP address.

The ECS4510-28T has 24 10/100/1000Base-TX copper ports, two 10G SFP+ slots built-in and the option for an additional expansion module supporting two more 10G SFP+ ports for a total of 4 10G optical ports on the switch.

The Layer 2 capabilities of ECS4510-28T include support for comprehensive QoS features: 802.1p prioritization, 8 egress queues per port, WRR and strict priority policies, Three Color Marking, CIR and PIR traffic policing and asymmetric BiDirectional rate-limiting per port or per class. Its backplane switching capacity is 128Gbps.

ECS4510-28T includes also Layer 2 essential features and enhanced ones like Rapid Spanning Tree, Multiple Spanning Tree, IGMP snooping, comprehensive QoS services with bandwidth limiting and security authentication and ACL services.

The ECS4510-28T offers also strong management support like: local console for CLI or Telnet, web interface and SNMP management. Multiple switch configurations can be stored and remote firmware upgrade keeps also previous version safe and ready to restore in case of failure.


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