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ECS4610-50T - Full Gigabit Ethernet 44+4 SFP combo ports and 2 10G uplink slots Layer 3 switch, rack 19"

CTC Union Part No.: ECS4610-50T

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Product description
Edge-Core's ECS4610-50T is a high-end, high density Ethernet switch featuring strong Layer 3 routing protocols and providing choice of two 10G uplink slots for backbone communications. Its stacking ability allows 24 switches to be managed from a single IP address.

The ECS4610-26T has 44 Gigabit 10/100/1000 copper ports, 4 SFP and copper Gigabit Ethernet combo ports and 2 slots for 10G compatible modules for uplink 10G connections and/or stacking.

The Layer 3 capabilities support routing protocols like RIP V1/V2, OSPF V2, BGP4 and IS-IS. The ES4626 switch also suppports VRRP and multicast routing protocols like DVMRP, PIM-DM and PIM-SM. Its backplane switching capacity is a stunning 176Gbps and forwarding rate reaches an astounding 130Mpps.

ECS4610-50T includes also Layer 2 essential features and enhanced ones like Rapid Spanning Tree, IGMP snooping, comprehensive QoS services with bandwidth limiting and security authentication and ACL services.

The ECS4610-50T offers also strong management support like: local console for CLI or Telnet, web interface and SNMP management. Multiple switch configurations can be stored and remote firmware upgrade keeps also previous version safe and ready to restore in case of failure.


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