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EXFO FIP-430B-APC Fiber Inspection Probe with APC Tips

Fosco Connect Part No.: FIP-430B-APC

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EXFO FIP-430B-APC Fiber Inspection Probe with APC Tips

The EXFO FIP-430B-APC Fiber Inspection Probe is a fully automated fiber inspection tool that features automatic focus, triple magnification, image centering and fiber connection detection, as well as automatic pass/fail analysis, image capture and reporting with ConnectorMax2 software. This fiber inspection probe includes a high-visibility pass/fail LED indicator that indicates the status of the connector under test following analysis. It is compatible with the entire FTB ecosystem, the MaxTester 700B OTDR Series, the MAX-FIP display as well as PCs and laptops. 

The FIP-430B-APC includes a 2.5mm APC universal patchcord tip, SC/APC tip for bulkhead adapter, the GP-2175 protective cap and cord assembly, plastic box, and a soft pouch.

The EXFO FIP-430B-APC Fiber Inspection Probe features the FIP-430B digital video inspection probe with triple magnification. It is compatible with a variety of fiber applications including FTTX and hybrid networks, DAS and Fiber-fed small cells and can reduce unnecessary test time using automatic fiber-image centering and a specialized automatic focus function.

The FIP-430B is capable of utilizing the latest ConnectorMax2 software to analyze deficiencies in connector performance and combined with the MAX-FIP contains 2 GB of internal memory offering up to 4000 fiber certification results. 



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