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EXFO FIP420B Analysis Digital Video Inspection Probe

Fosco Connect Part No.: FIP420BUPC

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An intelligent and automated inspection tool. The EXFO 420B features an automatic, fiber image-centering function to reduce test time. The probe has an on-board connector end face analysis via ConnectorMax2.

USB 2.0 connector with three levels of magnification. Pass/Fail indicator for immediate diagnosis of connector cleanliness. The FIP-430B is 100% automated and the first of its kind. The probe will auto-detect, center, focus, analyze, and report finds of connector end face.


  • Fiber Inspection Probes (FIP-410B/420B/430B)
  • On-board connector end face analysis
  • Auto detect, center, focus, analyze and report
  • 3 levels of magnification
  • Download Product Specification


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