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EXFO FIPT-400-MF-MPO-K Automated Multi-Fiber Inspection Tip Kit

Fosco Connect Part No.: FIPT-400-MF-MPOK

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EXFO FIPT-400-MF-MPO-K Automated Multi-Fiber Inspection Tip Kit

The EXFO FIPT-400-MF-MPO-K Automated Multi-Fiber Tip Kit is used for inspection of high density panels, single- or dual-row fiber connectors (12 fibers row). The WiFi inspection tool features a long, slim design plus rotation to access deeply recessed connectors in dense patch panels. The self-powered unit offers a trigger to scan all fibers automatically and Pass/Fail LED indicator. It is compatible with MF-ready FIP-425B and FIP-435B wireless fiber inspection probes. Only available on ConnectorMax Mobile Basic for Android devices, it will provide automated analysis and reporting.

The FIPT-400-MF-MPO-K tip kit includes the FIPT-400-MF multi-fiber connector inspection tip with a removable nozzle, FIPT-400-MTP-BLK, FIPT-400-NZ-MPO for MPO/UPC connectors (12-24 fibers), FIPT-400-NZ-MPO-APC for MPO/APC connectors (12-24 fibers), and soft pouch.

EXFO Automated WiFi Multifiber Inspection Tool Datasheet



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