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EXFO OX1-PRO-M-PPM-88 Explorer PRO Kit w/Dual-Band Power Checker

Fosco Connect Part No.: OX1-PRO-M-PPM

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EXFO OX1-PRO-M-PPM-88 Explorer PRO Kit w/Dual-Band Power Checker

The EXFO OX1-PRO-M-PPM-88 OX1 Optical Explorer Maintenance 1650nm (live) Fiber Tester PRO Kit features an inline dual-band power checker, light source, Link Mapper and Click-Out optical connector. With 4" touch screen and max input power 23dBm, the Optical Fiber Multimeter (OFM) is designed for link verification with embedded fault tracking. The main features are: Flash Advisor, Fault Explorer, Link Mapper: link verification with element mapping, light source/ power checker with tone detection, EXFO Advisor 5-star link quality indicator, Click-Out optical connector, connectivity to splitter detection, and ONT detection.

The test kit includes the OFM, Click-Out optical connector SC/APC, soft pouch, USB AC adapter, USB-A to USB-C charging cable, rechargeable battery, and wrist strap. Optimize your test experience with a test cord box (sold separately). Lifetime calibration, no settings required. 3-year warranty.

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