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0.25 oz Index Matching Gel
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0.25 oz Index Matching Gel

Mooseline Part No.: F1-0001V

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Some fiber optic applications such as crimp connectors and fiber optic test kits that use bare fiber, have the two pieces of fiber butt up against each other. At that point there is an air gap between the two fibers. If light were to enter that gap the light would be bent exiting one fiber, and be bent entering the other fiber due to the different indexes of refraction.

The index matching gel helps to reduce the differences between the core and the air gap between the other core.

This index matching gel provides an effective way of reducing Fresnel reflections, and decreasing power loss in connectors and mechanical splices. Easily applied onto connector end faces and inside mechanical splices.

Download MSDS from here.

Download F1-0001V index matching gel specification sheet



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