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Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing
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Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing

Light Brigade Part No.: F1-3075CDR

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Our Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing video/CD-ROM provides an introductory explanation of DWDM - an amazing technology! Learn the roles of the components and how they are integrated into a DWDM network. In addition, gain an understanding of types of fibers utilized and the impact of these fibers in designing and implementing DWDM systems. Two years in the making, this video's superior production quality and its use of high quality graphics clearly demonstrate the important concepts of four wave mixing, dispersion characteristics, dispersion compensation and optical multiplexing and demultiplexing techniques. The industry manufacturers' products shown include Pirelli, Nortel, Ciena, Lucent, and Corning.


  • History of DWDM
  • The need for DWDM
  • Laser characteristics
  • Fibers & fiber issues
  • Dispersion shifted fibers
  • Four wave mixing/non
  • Zero dispersion shifted fibers/dispersion compensation fibers
  • ITU standards & industry trends
  • Multiplexing & demultiplexing light
  • DWDM for long haul systems
  • Oceanic & inter exchange carriers
  • DWDM for metropolitan area networks
  • CLECs, utilities & private networks
  • The future of DWDM


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