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MU Zirconia Ferrule 125µm/2.0mm (cladding/buffer) Single Mode Connector

Mooseline Part No.: F1-50201

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MU Zirconia Ferrule 125µm/2.0mm (cladding/buffer) Single Mode Connector.

Our MU connectors offer excellent performance with veryhigh repeatability and low levels of insertion loss. Theseproducts are fully intermatable with standard MU products andprovide long term stability under a wide range of conditions.Our product utilizes tightly toleranced, molded MU ferrules toensure ease of assembly and consistent low loss performance.

Our MU connectors are available in both female and maleconfigurations. These adapters are designed to mount instandard SC-PC panel openings. MU connectorscomply with EIA/TIA 604 standard performance and reliability.


  • Exchange Systems
  • Subscriber Systems
  • Voice Networks
  • High-Density DWDM
  • Advanced OpticalTransmission


  • High Density Package
  • High Optical Performance
  • NTT Compatible
  • Push-pull Type Operation
  • Small Size and Light Weight
  • Tunable Zirconia Connector Ferrule


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