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Ruggedized Power Meter (0.01 dB Resolution) and 850/1300 nm LED Light Source (ST Interface)

Mooseline Part No.: F1-813RG

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Test Set Kit With Ruggedized Power Meter and 850/1300 nm Light Source

Purchase our ruggedized fiber optic Power Meter and Light Source together in a convenient carry case with fiber optic reference cords and mating sleeves. The Multimode fiber optic Light Source comes standard with an ST style interface. The fiber optic Power Meter is supplied with a universal 2.5mm and a 1.25mm adapter cap.  Operating manuals and batteries are included with your purchase. You may also order deviated kits with any combination of Fosco hand held or ruggedized fiber optic test equipment. 

The Fosco Ruggedized Fiber Optic Power Meter and Light Source is ideal for harsh work conditions where traditional hand held units are not appropriate. These units are available with single or dual wavelength light sources and are housed in a weather-resistant, high-impact case.

*A fiber optic Power Meter is an instrument used to test the signal carrying ability of a fiber optic link by measuring the optical power of a light beam injected into the opposite end of the link. A fiber optic LED Light Source is used to create the light used in this test.

  • Ruggedized Power Meter
  • LED Multimode Light Source 850/1300, ST
  • Rugged Carry Case
  • Reference Cord, Mating Sleeve, Batteries

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