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Gopher Pole Wire Installation Tool - Extend to 22 Feet Long

SECO Part No.: F1-9102

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This non-conductive fiberglass pole collapses to 52" x 2" (diameter) and telescopes to 22 feet long in seconds.

This push-pull wire installation tool for fishing wires over long spans or hard-to-reach areas such as suspended ceilings, sub-floors, crawl spaces and attics. Self-contained, no loose parts. Rigid, lightweight (4 lbs.) and easy-to-handle. Collapses to 52" x 2" diameter. Optional carrying case available. One year manufacturer's warranty.


  1. Attach wire to eyelet on exclusive hook/skid tip or to loop in base section.
  2. Simply extend each fiberglass section until it stops. Then rotate until snap/lock button locks securely into place.
  3. Extend each additional section as needed until tip reaches the point you desire to a maximum of 22 feet.


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