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12 Fiber Buffer Tube & Ribbon Fan-out Kit, 25" Tubing, Accepts 250µm

Mooseline Part No.: F1-BF1225

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12 Fiber (25" Tubing) Accepts 250µm


FOFS Fan-Out Kits are designed for a simple and easy breakout from standard Buffer Tubes or Ribbon Cables.

The kits are pre-configured for 4,6 and 12 fiber applications with 25" and 36" lengths of 900µm Hytrel tubing in the appropriate industry-standard color code.

FOFS Fan-Out Kits have a unique snap-together design that offers the ability to unsnap the unit for reentry if necessary.

Each kit comes with the adapters that accommodate round cable configurations, such as Buffer Tubes and Ribbon Cables. This cost-saving feature allows you to cover your application possibilities with just one style.



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