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200X Magnification Portable Video Fiber Inspection Microscope

Mooseline Part No.: F1-PVM200-1

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Most optical loss within a network is due to dirty or damaged fiber optic connector endfaces. This Portable Video Microscope enables you to identify even the smallest endface blemishes with ease, using various lighting options. The unit's portability and rugged design make it ideal for field use as well as for manufacturing environments. Compatible with the optional F1-PVMP200 Inspection Probe.

This Portable Video Fiber Optic Microscope provides you with the ideal solution for identifying the primary cause of optical loss within a fiber optic network, namely dirty or damaged fiber optic connector endfaces.† This Portable Video Fiber Optic Microscope has a high-resolution 5.6" LCD display, and provides you with various lighting options that enable you to see even the smallest fiber optic connector endface blemishes.†

For example, you can use Coaxial Lighting to reveal fine scratches and debris, then switch to Oblique Lighting to check the fiber optic connector endface for cracks, chips and debris. This Fiber Optic Video Microscope features bright, reliable LED illumination and can be used to inspect both multimode and singlemode fiber optic connector endfaces.†

With its rugged, weather-resistant housing and choice of battery or AC operation, the Portable Video Fiber Optic Microscope is ideal for field use as well as manufacturing environments. The Fiber Optic Portable Video Microscope includes a standard 2.5mm universal fiber optic adapter interface. The Portable Video Fiber Optic Microscope can also be used with the optional Fiber Optic Video Microscope Probe to inspect those hard-to-reach fiber optic connectors.


  • Coaxial Lighting - Ideal for Revealing Fine Scratches, and Debris
  • Oblique Lighting - Ideal for Revealing Cracks, Chips, and Debris
  • Core Illumination - Reveals Difficult-To-Detect Flaws
  • Both 200X and 400X Magnification Available
  • Rugged Watertight Case
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery
  • Large 5.6" LCD Display
  • Digital Screen Controls

Kit Contents:

  • Microscope
  • 2.5mm Universal Adapter
  • 110/220V Battery Charger Kit
  • User's Manual

Download Product Spec Sheet:

F1-PVM200-1 and F1-PVM400-1 Portable Video Microscope Spec Sheet (PDF)



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