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Metal Splice-On Connector (SOC) Holder for OFS FITEL Splicers (All Models)

Mooseline Part No.: F1-SOCMTL-F

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This metal SOC holder is specifically designed to fit squarely in Fitel model fusion splicers. Use this to hold the connector inside the splicer when terminating Cheetah and Armordillo Splice On Connectors.


  • 37.2mm x 16.1mm x 6.3mm - L x W x H
  • Holds Connector in place
  • Fits all models of FITEL fusion splicers

Metal SOC Holder for the OFS Fitel Splicers

  • The new Cheetah SOC is the quickest pre-polished factory terminated pigtail to prepare, splice, and install. The Cheetah's 27mm splice protection sleeve is encapsulated and protected by the strain relief boot eliminating the need for splice trays, chips, and extra cabinets. The universal holder allows for the flexibility of use within the industry's best fiber optic fusion splicers such as Alcoa Fujikura (AFL), Sumitomo Electric, and Fitel. This feature allows the user to ensure low loss splices.
  • The fiber pigtail is less than 2 inches in length and is pre-cleaved for direct insertion into a fusion splicer, and is available in single-mode, multimode, and 10 Gig multimode fiber types. Simply remove the cleave protector, insert the SOC into the fusion splicer, and splice. They conveniently fit onto 900µm tight-buffered cable. SOCs come pre-cleaved and ready to be spliced into any application necessary.
  • The Cheetah adheres to industry standard for return loss: APC: -65dBm, UPC: -55dBm and MM: -30 dBm. All ferrules are made of zirconia. Fusion splice sleeve and connector boot are included with each SOC.
  • NOTE: The Cheetah connector requires the use of a fusion splicer with removable "Fiber Holders".

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