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200X Coaxial Illuminated Hand Held Microscope with 1.25mm and 2.5mm Universal Adapter

Mooseline Part No.: F1-VS200F25

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This hand held connector inspection microscope provides coaxial illumination from a white light LED. This coaxial illumination produces excellent detail of the ferrule end face such as scratches and contamination.

It also has laser safety filters built in for maximum safety.We recommend this 200x model for multimode applications.

This microscope comes with an universal adapter for 2.5mm connectors such as FC, ST, SC and E2000. Other adapters are available and please order them separately.

It uses 3 "AAA" batteries which provides 40 hours working time before replacement.

Download Product Spec Sheet:

200X and 400X Handheld Microscope Spec Sheet (PDF)



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