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Loctite Hysol 608 Mini Packet (4gm) Fast Cure Epoxy

Loctite Part No.: F1608

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Loctite Hysol 608 is a clear, fast setting epoxy adhesive used in many applications where optical clarity and/or fast cure rates are needed. Hysol 608 bonds a variety of materials including metals and plastics and is excellent for general connector use.

This item comes in a 4 gram mini foil pack.


This item is considered hazardous material and GROUND shipment only. A UPS, FedEx or other carrier hazardous material handling fee will be added on each order.

Cure Schedule:

  • 15 minutes @2°C
  • 5 minutes @6°C

Pot Life:

  • 3 minutes


  • Color: Milky White(Part A), Amber(Part B), Clear(Mixed)
  • Specific gravity: 1.16
  • Mix Ratio: 1(A):1(B) by weight, 1(A):1(B) by volume
  • CTE, ASTM D 696, in/in°C: 86x10e-6
  • Thermal Conductivity, cal x cm/cm2 x secs x°C: 5.0x10e-4
  • Hardness, Shore D: 80
  • Dielectric Strength, ASTM D149, V/mil: 1200
  • Dielectric Constant, MIL 1-16923. K 1kHz: 3.78
  • Dissipation Factor, ASTM D 150 1kHz: 2.1x10e-4

Download MSDS Sheet for F1608(PDF files):



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