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F17500VIS Fiber Video Inspection Scope

Fosco Connect Part No.: F17500VIS

  • $ 2,450.00 or

F17500VIS Fiber Video Inspection Scope

  • Auto-Focus, Auto-Centering, with Pass/Fail Analysis
  • Convenient LED flashlight on-board
  • APC and MPO tips available upon request
  • Unit comes included with 2.5mm & 1.25mm UPC patch cord tips and UPC SC & LC bulkhead tips

Fiber Inspection Probe is loaded with features at a comparably low cost. The ergonomic hand held design can be used in a completely vertical/horizontal fashion or fold inward to about a 45 degree angle allowing it to be used in a number of positions within an enclosure or patch panel. With the push of one button the probe will lock onto the connector end face image, automatically center and focus it and then analyze it against the industry held I.E.C. end face inspection criteria to display a PASS or FAIL. The probe is has a WiFi USB adapter that can be used to transfer saved data wirelessly to a laptop or computer. USB hardwire connection also is available.



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