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Successful Fiber Optic Installation - Eric Pearson

Mooseline Part No.: F1-4910

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This textbook addresses all facets of fiber optic installation. Covered are fiber optic products and installation procedures that achieve low power loss, low installation cost, and high reliability. Suitable for novices as well as veteran installers, the book contains most of the information needed to become certified by the Fiber Optic Association as a Certified Fiber Optic Technician or Certified Fiber Optic Specialist.

This book guides you to success during fiber optic network installation. This success results from the book's three clearly written parts and 24 chapters.

Part 1, Essential Background Information (Chapters 1-9).
Part 2, Essential Installation Principles (Chapters 10-14).
Part 3, Proper Procedures (Chapters 15-24)

From Part 1, you learn the language essential for success during installation. When you understand language of fiber optics, you can follow the procedures and recognize the results that indicate installation success.

From Part 2, you learn the basic principles behind the installation procedures. With this essential understanding, you can follow the proper procedures because you understand how your actions help you achieve the three goals of fiber optic installation.

From Part 3, you learn the procedures that guarantee success. When you follow these clearly-written, cook-book like, procedures, you achieve the three goals of low power loss, low installation cost, and high reliability.

Finally, this book will help you achieve personal success through certification. From this book, you gain the extensive, basic and subtle knowledge you need to earn the four certifications of the Fiber Optic Association (The Professional Society of Fiber Optics).



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