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Wilcom F6121R Ribbon Fiber Identifier

Wilcom Part No.: F6121R

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The Wilcom Model F6121R Optical Ribbon Fiber Identifier identifies optical fibers by detecting the optical signals being transmitted through a single-mode or multimode ribbon fiber (jacketed or not jacketed) and 3mm cable.

It operates by inserting ribbon fiber into the top of the unit which performs a macro-bend on the fiber. This bending technique allows the unit to detect the presence of light and the direction of light.


  • Detects the Presence and Direction of Light
  • Operates by Creating a Macro-Bend in the Fiber
  • Use for Singlemode Applications
  • Includes 9V Alkaline Battery and Carry Case
  • Interchangeable Heads: 3mm, Bare Ribbon, Jacketed Ribbon

Detector Sensitivity:

  • Bare Ribbon Fiber Adapter: -40dBm@1310nm, -50dBm@1550nm
  • Jacketed Ribbon Fiber Adapter: -30dBm@1310nm, -40dBm@1550nm
  • 3mm Adapter: -32.5dBm@1310nm, -40dBm@1550nm

The Optical Fiber Identifier detects low-frequency tones at 270 Hz, 1000 Hz, and 2000 Hz. When traffic is present on the fiber under test, an audible tone can be heard as well as the traffic direction which is indicated by LEDs illuminating on the probe.

This unit can work with Wilcom's Model FS1316 and other light sources.

The Optical Fiber Identifier includes a carrying pouch containing three easy to use field interchangeable adapter heads to accommodate: one for bare ribbon fiber without a jacket, one for ribbon fiber with a jacket and one for 3mm jacketed fiber.

A 2mm optional adapter is also available for testing 2mm cables. It is not included in the standard package and needs to be ordered separately.

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