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Contractor Kit 850/1300/1310/1550nm Light Source, InGaAs PM, Carry Case
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Contractor Kit 850/1300/1310/1550nm Light Source, InGaAs PM, Carry Case

EXFO Part No.: FBK-53

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Contractor Kit 850/1300/1310/1550nm LS, InGaAs PM, Carry Case

The EXFO FBK-53 Optical Loss Test Set is a complete kit for testing multimode and singlemode fiber - 850,1300, 1310 & 1550nm wavelengths. It combines a power meter (2.5mm & FC adapter) with InGaAs detector, plus revolutionary LED and laser light sources.

The FiberBasix 50 Series Kit is an affordable solution that includes the EPM-53-RB power meter, ELS-50-12C-RB LED light source, ELS-50-23BL-RB laser light source, ST & SC power meter adapters, ST & SC light source adapters and carry case.

Kit Contents:

  • 1x ELS-50 Dual Multimode 850/1300nm LIght Source (ModelELS-50-12C-RB)
  • 1x ELS-50 Dual Single Mode 1310/1550nm Light Source (ModuleELS-50-23BL-RB)
  • 1x EPM-53 InGaAs Detector Power Meter (ModelEPM-53-RB)
  • ST & SC Power Meter Adapters
  • ST & SC Light Source Adapters
  • Carry Case

Light Source:

EXFO's ELS-50 Light Source provides excellent stability and high measurement accuracy for up to three single mode wavelengths or two multimode wavelengths. It is the perfect complement to the FiberBasix 50 EPM-50 Power Meter when it comes to measuring attenuation on fiber-optic links.

Power Meter:

The Exfo EPM-50 series optical power meter features a universal push-pull interface, rugged design and 10 to -60dBm power range. The FiberBasix power meter offers tone recognition for fiber identification, reference function for direct loss measurements and 300 hours of battery life.

EXFO's EPM-53-PMA-22-RB includes a soft pouch, PMA-89 FC connector adapter, quick reference sticker in five languages, Certificate of Calibration, Certificate of Compliance, three AA batteries.

Dowload Product Spec Sheet:

EXFO ELS-50 Light Source Spec Sheet (PDF)

EXFO EPM-53 Power Meter Spec Sheet (PDF)



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