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3M FD08 Fibrdome Closure Kit - 4 Trays (96 Single Fusion /48 Fibrlok Mechanical)

3M Part No.: FD08

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The 3M FibrDome Closure System protects fiber optic splices from water entry, insects, ultraviolet light, and humidity while providing easy reentry. The closure system consists of two dome sizes, each assembled with a transition tray and one to four splice organizer trays. Each tray accommodates up to two unique splice inserts designed for 3M Fibrlok, Fibrlok Multi-Fiber, fusion or mass-fusion splicing. This system provides flexibility in splice capacity and fiber management, for a variety of cable configurations and constructions. The FibrDome closure system is installed in a butt configuration in hand-holes, pedestals and cabinets, and can be pole or strand mounted.

FD08 Specifications:
1. Dome Size: 23.5"(L) x 7.0"(W) x 5.4"(D)
2. number of Trays: 4
3. number of Cables: 6
4. Cable Capacity and Range: Main Port (2): 0.49" to 1.3"; Drop/Branch Port(4): 0.35" to 0.79".
5. Maximum Splice Capcity:
3M Fibrlok: 48
3M Fibrlok Multi-Fiber: 32 (384 fibers)
Single Fusion: 96
Mass Fusion: 36 (432 fibers)

FD08 Kit Contents:
a. Closure Assembly(1): Dome, Base, O-ring, Latch
b. Transition Tray(1)
c. Foam Support(1)
d. Base Plate(1)
e. Splice Tray(1)
f. Splice Tray Cover(1)
g. Press Buttons(2)
h. 3M FibrTube Transport Tubing(6 feet)
j. Gel End Seal Core(1)
k. Gel Sealant Strips(2)
l. 3M Pull 'n' Shrink Tubing - PST(1)
m. Desiccant Bag(1)
n. Cable Strain Relief Tie Wrap(6)
o. Small Cable Ties(10)
p. Sheath Scuff(1)

1. Splice inserts are not included and must be ordered separately. Please check out the 2521 series splice inserts in the Splice Tray department.
2. Only one splice tray is included in this kit. FD08 can accommodate three more splice trays. Please check out FD100 FibrDome Splice Tray Kit in the Splice Tray department.


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