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Fiber Fence 10 Acre Kit

Fosco Connect Part No.: OMS-FF10KIT

  • $ 1,658.00 or

This Fiber Fence Security System is designed to detect intrusions over long distances using fiber optic cable. It’s simple to install, and with built-in automatic calibration, no adjustment is required.

The system consists of the Fiber Fence Zone Control Unit, Sensing Fiber, Mouse Trips, and Proximity Sensors

  • Protects Against Fence Destruction and Intrusion Over Long Distances
  • Special Package Includes Everything You Need to Protect 10 Acres
  • Easy to Install
  • Easy to Expand to Cover 10 Miles
  • Uses Fiber Optic Technology; No Electricity Needed at the Fence
  • Safe for Flammable and No-Spark Environments
  • Immune to Electromagnetic Interference

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