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FiberXP FXP-CLEANING 2 Basic Fiber Cleaning & Inspection Kit

Fosco Connect Part No.: FXP-CLEANING 2

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FiberXP FXP-CLEANING 2 Basic Fiber Cleaning & Inspection Kit

The FiberXP™ FXP-CLEANING 2 Basic Fiber Cleaning & Inspection Kit features the DI-200 fiber inspection microscope with DI-U125 1.25mm universal adapter to inspect the fiber end-face for contamination. It offers 2.5mm and 1.25mm fiber optic cleaners for SC, FC, ST, LC & MU connectors, plus XtremeClean500 cassette-style cleaner for most kinds of optical fiber connectors. The fiber optic kit also includes Chemtronics apertured wipers for splice preparation and AFL FCC2 fiber connector cleaner and preparation fluid with enhanced formula.

The FiberXP FXP-CLEANING 2 fiber optic cleaning & inspection kit comes in a water-resistant Cordura GI mechanics tool bag with a full-length zipper and two nylon straps. The orange tool bag 081x215 (no tools) is also available separately.

FXP-CLEANING 2 Tool Kit List

 Description Stock Number
  Orange Mechanics Tool Bag, 12" x 6" x 6" 081X215
 Fusion Splice Wipes, 100/Tub 348X942
 2.5mm IBC Brand Cleaning Tool SC, FC, ST (UPC/APC) 846X900
 1.25mm IBC Brand Cleaning Tool - LC, MU connectors 846X905
 Enhanced Fiber Connector Cleaner & Prep Fluid 812X643
 Fiber Optic Inspection Scope / Microscope, 200X 907X120
 1.25mm Universal Adapter for DI Series 907X125
 Fiber Optic Connector Cleaning Cassette 952X770



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