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JDSU 200/400X Video Probe, Display w/ Power Meter & Patch Cord Scope, Utility Boot, VFL Kit, Cleanin
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JDSU 200/400X Video Probe, Display w/ Power Meter & Patch Cord Scope, Utility Boot, VFL Kit, Cleanin

JDSU Part No.: FIT-S105

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The JDSU FIT-S105 is the perfect kit for inspecting, cleaning and testing fiber optics with the same kit. Today's fiber technician needs a fiber test kit that provides a seamless workflow for inspecting, cleaning, testing and troubleshooting a fiber link.

Replacing standalone tools with an integrated test system dramatically improves throughput and productivity. When that test system is designed to promote an Inspect Before You Connect workflow, it controls technicians' behavior and drives them to follow best practices to produce a better performing fiber network. JDSU combines these essential fiber handling tools into a fast, portable, and easy-to-use system for any fiber technician.

Inspecting, cleaning and testing fiber is now easier and faster than ever with this handheld device that integrates an optical power meter, video display, fiber optic bulkhead inspector and patch cord inspection microscope all in one, self-contained kit.

400x scope, Case **Does not come with cleaning tools, utility boot,carrying case and FFL050**

Key Benefits:

  • Keep Everything Together

    Kit organizes fiber inspection, fiber cleaning, power measurement and fault detection components in a single utility boot configuration.
  • Free your hands for other tasks

    Logging data, accessing equipment and routing cable.
  • Stop fumbling with multiple tools

    Essential tools are now integrated in a single system
  • Promotes best practices behavior

    Efficient workflow, test the same way every time, proactively both sides of connection, makes it easy to use clean test leads, hands are free to document results.

Kit Contents:

1) Optical Power Meter with PatchCord Viewer

  • Handheld video fiber inspection and test system with integrated power meter and patch cord microscope
  • Available in standard (FIT-HP3-60-P4) and High-Power (FIT-HP3-80-P4) versions.
  • Universal patch cord inspection adapters for 2.5 mm (FMAE-U25) and 1.25 mm (FMAE-U12) connectors
  • Universal power meter test adapters for 2.5 mm and 1.25 mm (FITP-UPP12) connectors

2) Fiber Inspection Probe

  • Dual-magnification (200/400X) probe microscope (FBP-P5)
  • Inspection tips for SC (FBPT-SC) and LC (FBPT-LC) bulkheads

3) Visual Fault Locator

  • Pocket-sized visual fault locator used to quickly locate bends, breaks, and damages in fiber (FFL-050)
  • Universal VFL adapters for 2.5 mm and 1.25 mm (FFL-050-U12) connectors

4) Fiber Utility Boot

  • All-in-one portable organizer for essential fiber tools with neck strap for hands-free operation (FITP-UB1)

5) Cleaning Materials

  • Universal 2.5 mm (FCB-IBC25 ) and 1.25 mm (FCB-IBC-12) bulkhead and patch cord cleaning tools
  • Cleaning solvent and wipes

6) Carrying Case

  • Stores all contents in protective and portable shoulder case

Download Product Spec Sheet:

JDSU FIT-S105 Kit Spec Sheet (PDF)



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