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FLS-600-12D-23BL EXFO Multimode & Single Mode Light Source, SC

Fosco Connect Part No.: 880X432

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FLS-600-12D-23BL EXFO Multimode & Single Mode Light Source, SC

The EXFO FLS-600-12D-23BL Laser Light Source can accommodate both multimode and single mode testing. It offers a backlit keypad and LCD for working in darker environments, automatic wavelength switching and distance referencing, as well as being FTTx Ready. It is capable of testing at the 850/1300 nm wavelengths through an LED 62.5/125 µm source and 1310/1550 nm wavelengths with a 9/125 µm laser source using a spectral width of 50/135. The tester has an output power of -20 dBm and can generate tones at frequencies of 270 Hz, 1kHz, and 2 kHz. Includes an UPC/SC connector. Compliant with the IEC 61280-4-1 standard.

The FLS-600-12D-23BL SC multimode and single mode LED light source includes the main unit, user guide, certificate of calibration, instrument stickers, AC adapter/charger, lithium ion battery, shoulder strap, and a hard carrying case. It has a 50 hour battery life and carries a 3-year warranty.

EXFO FLS-600 Light Source Datasheet



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