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4 E1/ T1 with full Fast Ethernet and redundant SFP optic link Fiber Optic Multiplexer - AC and DC po

CTC Union Part No.: FMUX04E-AD

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The FMUX04E-AD fiber multiplexer is a small but powerful unit. It bundles together up to 4 E1 or T1 interfaces and a full 100 Mbps channel of Ethernet data. It also offers a built-in order wire port for E&M voice connections (for service or troubleshooting between two units connected over the fiber).

The FMUX04E-AD offers redundancy on power source input, supporting AC 90~240V and DC -18~-72V and on fiber connection by having two redundant SFP ports for 155Mbps optical modules. The SFP ports bring a great level of flexibility by allowing user to choose the appropriate SFP transceiver for his needs. An FMUX04E-AD-SNMP version of same multiplexer comes also with built-in SNMP management support.

The Ethernet is available on three 10/100Mbps ports that can support separate port based VLANs for physical separation of threeEthernet networks.

FMUX04E-AD is a perfect choice for a variety of applications like wireless back-haul for remote areas, E1/T1 and Ethernet transport over same fiber, inter building voice and data network connections and so on .

FMUX04E-AD has built in E1 and T1 interfaces. The console CLI or the LCD panel allow full management of local and remotely connected unit. The FMUX04E-AD equipment can be used either under European E1 or US T1 standards.

The FMUX04E-AD unit can be managed through serial console and local LCD key panel. The unit can be upgraded to SNMP management by adding an SNMP daughterboard. For simplicity, we have listed two models of the FMUX04E-AD. The FMUX04E-AD-SNMP has the SNMP module already installed.

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