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FMUX1001-4E1T1 - 4 E1/T1 RJ48c module for FMUX1001

Fosco Connect Part No.: FMUX1001-4E1T1

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FMUX1001-4E1T1 - 4 E1/T1 RJ48c module for FMUX1001

Product description
One of the most popular data modules for the FMUX1001 fiber optic multiplexer is the configurable 4 E1 or T1 interface data module with Quad T1  (north-American 1.544Mbps DS1 lines) RJ48c 100ohms type or Quad E1 (European 2.048Mbps lines). The FMUX1001 multiplexer has four data slots available for data modules, so the total E1 or T1 capacity is 16 lines aggregated over the same fiber circuit. The modular structure allows provisioning and future capacity increase, allowing flexibility in network design and lowering also the budget demanded.

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