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FMUX1600-AD 16 E1/ T1 with full Gigabit Ethernet and redundant SFP optic link Fiber Optic Multiplexer - AC and DC powered

CTC Union Part No.: FMUX1600-AD

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Product description
The FMUX1600-AD fiber multiplexer bundles together up to 16 E1 or T1 interfaces and a full 1000Mbps channel of Gigabit Ethernet data. It also offers an optional order wire port for E&M voice connections (for service or troubleshooting between two units connected over the fiber). The FMUX1600-AD offers redundancy on power source input, supporting AC 90~240V and DC -18~-72V and on fiber connection by having two redundant SFP ports for 1.25Gbps optical modules. The SFP ports bring a great level of flexibility by allowing user to choose the appropriate SFP transceiver for his needs.

The FMUX1600-AD has built-in SNMP support.

The Ethernet is available on four 10/100/1000Mbps ports that can support separate port based VLANs for physical separation of four Ethernet networks.
Jumbo Packets up to 10K size are supported on the Ethernet interfaces.

FMUX1600-AD is a perfect choice for a variety of applications like wireless back-haul for remote areas, E1/T1 and Ethernet transport over same fiber, inter building voice and data network connections and so on.

FMUX1600-AD has built in E1 / T1 interfaces. The console CLI or SNMP installed module allow full management of local and remotely connected unit. The FMUX1600-AD equipment can be used either under European E1 or US T1 standards.

The FMUX1600-AD SNMP management is accessible via Ethernet on the local unit (with IP address) and can be by extended via fiber to the remote connected unit. The FMUX1600-AD-SNMP has the SNMP module already installed and can be accessed locally.

The FMUX1600-AD fiber multiplexer works with Gigabit rated 1.25Gbps optical SFP transceivers.

Additional information on FMUX1600-AD: PDF Datasheet; PDF User Manual



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