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Gigabit Ethernet 20 SFP + 4 SFP combo ports, Layer 2 managed switch, dual redundant AC power, rack 1

Edge-Core Part No.: FOS3124-2A

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Product description
An excellent choice for Gigabit FTTX access networks is the FOS3124 Gigabit Ethernet switch from CTS.

The FOS3124 is a 20 port Gigabit 1000Base-X SFP slot switch with 4 combo copper/SFP Gigabit Ethernet slots for up-link connections. The switch has Layer 2 capabilities with strong FTTH/FTTX features like IGMP snooping, Q-in-Q VLAN tagging, power down trap (dying gasp), SNMP, web, telnet and DHCP auto provision, SFF-8472 Digital Diagnostic support features for all SFP slots.

Besides the above key distinctive features, the FOS3124 switch supports various priority control and QoS features. A key feature is the ability to support dual redundant power supplies, either AC (90-240V), DC 48V or a combination of both. The FOS3124 switch supports port based VLAN and IEEE 802.1q VLAN, rapid spanning tree and IGMP snooping. It is also able to handle Jumbo Packets up to 9.6K size.

For a complete list of features supported and detailed information on FOS3124, please download the datasheet and/or manual from links below.

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