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FOSCO 5G Hardened Connector Cleaning Kit

Fosco Connect Part No.: F15GC

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New applications in the field with implementation of high density radio heads for 5G deployment will require an increase in the use of hardened fiber optic connectors. Manufacturers of different radio heads have adopted certain hardened connector interfaces between their equipment and outdoor distribution enclosures.

Technicians will find themselves confronted with new style connectors that may require deeper cleaning of the housing threads, inner body, O-rings and connector ferrule end face.

The unique 5G Cleaning kits are targeted to provide wider selection of popular cleaning tools and solvents to address new crevices in hardened connectors that are soiled from outdoor environments.

It is important to clean these connectors prior to mating for maximum performance and minimum attenuation.

  • Pressurized Canned Air and Alcohol – Clean and dry to remove any creviced debris or water.
  • Connector End face Cleaning solution – Fast evaporating solvent intended for fiber optic end face


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