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FOSCO Blue Ruggedized SMPTE Test Set

Fosco Connect Part No.: F1STS01-1

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The SMPTE Test Set is designed to evaluate SMPTE hybrid cable assemblies. It consists of a Control Unit and a Remote Unit that have been designed to operate under harsh working conditions.

Together, they provide a solution that measures the transmission loss of the optical fibers and determines if the copper conductors are wired correctly.

The Control Unit is housed in a rugged resin case and is simple and straightforward to operate. All functions are accessible from three buttons located on the face of the instrument.

Optical power loss is displayed on a large digit LCD readout that provides easy viewing and readability in sunlight. Copper conductor wiring is indicated using a matrix of multi-colored LED’s that make it easy to quickly determine if any of the conductors are broken, short circuited or cross wired.

The test set is also outfitted with a visible fault locater to help diagnose issues with the optical fibers. The Remote Unit consists of a completely passive loopback housed in a compact and rugged aluminum enclosure.



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