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SpecSeal Firestop Plug sized for 4 in. (102 mm) opening/sleeve

Specified Technology Part No.: FP400

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SpecSeal Series FP Intumescent Firestop Plugs are designed for temporary or permanent sealing of single or grouped cables and blank openings through common construction such as concrete or gypsum board.

SpecSeal Series FP Intumescent Firestop Plugs are soft, supple foam plugs molded from polyurethane.

Plugs are conveniently sized to fit 2 or 4 in. (51 or 102 mm) diameter openings or sleeves fabricated from electrical metallic tubing (EMT).

The intumescent plugs expand when exposed to heat to quickly close off around combustible jacketed cables.


  • Fast and easy installation - no special tools required
  • Intumescent - expands in all directions for a tough, tight seal
  • Reinstallable - easy retrofitting of cables
  • Red color - for easy identification and inspection
  • Soft and resilient foam - conforms to cable surfaces
  • Smoke resistant - superior air leakage ratings
  • Convenient - sized for 2 in. (51 mm) and 4 in. (102 mm) EMT or conduit sleeves

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