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FRM220-CH02NMC-DC - two slot fiber chassis with embedded neg. DC power 18-72V input

CTC Union Part No.: FRM220-CH02NMC-DC

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Product description
FRM220-CH02NMC-DC is a two slot chassis for FRM220 compatible media converters. The casing has an integrated DC negative 18-72V power supply and comes with the telecom standard 3 bar connector. Such a casing is useful in telecom locations that require strict DC48V powering, eliminating the separate AC adapter offered as default on all standalone FRM220 series fiber media converters. This product is optional and intended for high end applications requesting a single package unit (embedded power supply) and no separate power adapter and is especially intended for telecom grade environment weher DC48V is the only available power.

Among the optional integrated power casings with two slots, there are also the FRM220-CH02NMC-AC (single AC 90-240V power supply) and FRM220-CH02NMC-AD chassis (dual redundant AC and DC 18~72V power supplies). For such options, please contact our sales department by e-mail or call us.

Technical specifications
Material: Painted stainless steel casing, 19" or 23" wide optional mounting system
Compatibility: Accepts all models of media converters from FRM220 series, hot swappable converters (allowing changing of individual converters during operation)
Supports FRM220-NMC management card installation in first slot
Cards: 2 slots for FRM220 series media converters
Power: 90-260V AC, -18 to -72V DC or both AC and DC redundant option
Temperature: 0 ~ 50°C (Operating); 0 ~ 70°C (Storage)
Humidity: 20 ~ 80% non condensing (Operating); 0 ~ 90% (Storage)
Power Consumption: 10W
Dimensions(WxDxH): 180mm x 135mm x 35mm
Weight: 400gr (Single AC power unit, unpopulated chassis)
Compliance: CE Mark, FCC part 15 Class A
MTBF: 80,000 hours

Additional information on FRM220-CH02NMC-DC optional casing: PDF datasheet


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