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FRM220-FOM04-AD - 4E1/ T1 with full Fast Ethernet and redundant SFP optic link Fiber Optic Multiplexer - AC and DC powered

Fosco Connect Part No.: FRM220-FOM04-AD

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* FRM220-FOM04-AD INCLUDES a standalone casing with console port and embedded AC and DC power supplies

SFP transceivers are NOT included in the unit price. You can purchase 155Mbps rated SFPs here

Product description

The FRM220-FOM04-AD fiber multiplexer is a small but powerful unit. It bundles together up to 4 E1 or T1 interfaces and a full 100Mbps channel of Ethernet data. It also offers a built-in order wire port for E&M voice connections (for service or troubleshooting between two units connected over the fiber). The FRM220-FOM04-AD offers redundancy on power source input, supporting AC 90~240V and DC -18~-72V and on fiber connection by having two redundant SFP ports for 155Mbps optical modules. The SFP ports bring a great level of flexibility by allowing user to choose the appropriate SFP transceiver for his needs. FRM220-FOM04-AD multiplexer can also be installed into FRM220 series chassis, like the FRM220-CH20, the 20 slot 2U chassis or the FRM220-CH08, the slimmer 1U rack 19" chassis. Management is available through local console or via web using the FRM220-NMC management card.

The RJ45 Ethernet 10/100Mbps port supports Jumbo Packets, auto MDI/MDI-X auto speed Negotiation. It also has Dying Gasp feature warning management system of failure because of loss of power (this feature is extremely useful on carrier grade deployments, giving an immediate hint on reason of circuit failure). Besides the Ethernet port, FRM220-FOM04-AD also transports an RS232 port with maximum data rate of 250Kbps, being very useful in carrying of a craft port to support alarms or other automation processes.

FRM220-FOM04-AD is a perfect choice for a variety of applications like wireless back-haul for remote areas, E1/T1 and Ethernet  transport over same fiber, inter building voice and data network connections and so on. Unit can be used either under European E1 or US T1 standards.

The FRM220-FOM04-AD fiber multiplexer works with OC3/STM1/155Mbps optical SFP transceivers and supports DD enabled SFP transceivers. To check the full range of available transceivers, including single strand BiDirectional models and long haul optics please visit our 155Mbps SFP transceiver family page.

Additional information on FRM220-FOM04-AD: PDF Datasheet; PDF User Manual



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