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FRM220-FTEC-CH01MAC Cross rate fractional E1 to T1 converter, managed, AC power

CTC Union Part No.: FRM220-FTEC-CH01MAC

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Product description
The FRM220-FTEC is a T1 (US Standard) /E1 (European Standard) converter and timeslot cross connect which enables conversion between one T1 signal and one E1 signal. T1 and E1 signals with framing employ u-Law and A-Law compander encoding principles respectively and encode those analog (voice) signals into 64kbits digital data. The T1 interface supports D4(SF) or ESF frame formats with B8ZS or AMI line code. The E1 interface supports CCS (PCM31) or CAS (PCM30) framing without CRC-4 and framing with CRC-4. The line coding is HDB3.
Tests and diagnostics can easily be performed from the local console interface or via Web based management of the FRM220 larger chassis. Diagnostics include T1 local/remote and E1 local/remote loop back. When placed in a single slot chassis and used standalone without management, the card may be configured by DIP switches.

The FRM220-FTEC cross rate converter is extremely versatile, being available in several versions of power supply: embedded internal AC power, embedded internal DC neg. 48V power or dual combo embedded AC and DC power supply. Same model can also be installed in the FRM220chassis, in matter of minutes.

  • Converts between T1 and E1 data and signaling
  • Enable equipment to operate at T1 and E1 rates
  • Supports G.802 Annex B (T1 over E1)
  • Configures A-law/-law and signaling conversion
  • Transparent conversion at 64kbps timeslot level
  • Controlled slip for buffer over or under flow
  • 24 time slots of T1 Nx64 can be inserted into E1 Nx64, 30/CAS or 31/CCS timeslots

Technical specifications
Interfaces: one E1 RJ48c 120Ohm and one T1 RJ48c 100Ohm ports
Connectors: RJ48c and DB-9 female for RS-232 serial console
Standards: ANSI, ITU-TS, ETSI, AT&T, G.703, G.921 & G.955
Format: T1 framed D4(SF) and ESF, E1 CAS or CCS framed, with or w/o CRC-4
Front LEDs: PWR, System, Test, E1 and T1 SigLoss, E1 and T1 Syncloss, E1 and T1 AIS, E1 and T1 Alarm
Power: Embedded 90-260V AC switching power supply with IEC C14 connector and US type main plug power cord
Temperature: 0-60°C (Operating); 0-70°C (Storage)
Humidity: 20 80% non condensing (Operating); 0 90% (Storage)
Consumption: less than 5W
Dimensions(WxDxH): 88mm x 155mm x 23mm
Weight: 950g (without power cord)
Compliance: CE, FCC Class A, LVD, RoHS
MTBF: 65,000 hours

Additional information on FRM220-FTEC-CH01MAC converter: PDF Datasheet; PDF Manual.


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