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8 channels CWDM mux/demux unit w/ management and expansion port

CTC Union Part No.: FRM220-MD80-UP01

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Product description
The core of CWDM application is the passive MUX/DEMUX unit. The FRM220-MD80-UP01 bundles all 8 traditional CWDM channels (1470~1610nm) and also offers an expansion port for additional channels in the 1260~1460nm range.
CWDM technology is basically using a gap of 20nm between each lambda. However, there are only 8 lambdas (wavelengths) that are supported by our CWDM system. These wavelengths are:1471nm,1491nm,1511nm,1531nm,1551nm,1571nm,1591nmand1611nmand they are also calledcolored lambdas.

To assure communications over these wavelengths specialCWDM SFP modulesmust be used.

The FRM220 multiplexers are designed to slide into the FRM220 chassis. Thus, several mux/demuxes can be aggregated in a very limited space.

For instance, an FRM220-CH20 19" mountable chassis can accommodate up to 10 units of the FRM220-MD80-UP01 CWDM mux/demuxes, all in only 2RU of rack space.

For mux/demux customizations(cards with other than the traditional 8 CWDM channels)

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