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48 port fiber chassis with dual power and SNMP options, rack 19"

CTC Union Part No.: FRM401-CH

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Product description
The best choice for FTTH applications, FRM401-CH chassis is supporting 12 fiber cards, each having 4 identical Fast Ethernet fiber optic media converters. It also accomodates two redundant power supplies, that could be chosen as AC(110-220V) or DC (24-48V) type. The chassis is supporting SNMP module for remote management and monitoring.
FRM401 is a Copper to Fiber Media Converter chassis that fits in a 19 or 23 inch rack and occupies only 4U (7 inch) of rack space. The Hot Swappable Line Cards for the FRM401 are available in 10/100Base-TX Ethernet standard to fiber (100Base-FX) connection for multi-mode (up to 2Km) or single mode (up to 120Km) with all the popular connector types such as SC, ST, FC, or MT-RJ. Line Cards are also available with the latest WDM (Wave Division Multiplexing) technology (up to 40Km and must be coupled) which converts the transmission and receiving data streams into separate wavelengths and allows bi directional transport through a single fiber strand. Each Line Card contains four separate and identical media converters and may include optional features such as Link-loss forwarding, loop back testing, get remote status and adjustable frame length to support VLAN and QOS transmissions. A chassis, fully loaded with 12 Line Cards, can provide a total of 48 loops in a high density configuration making this chassis a perfect choice for today's high density applications like FTTH (Fiber to the Home).
Please note that FRM401-CH chassis can handle only one type of power supplies and that the type MUST be selected from options list according to the projected needs. You cannot install a DC power supply unit into an FRM401 chassis prepared for AC and viceversa.
Technical specifications

Material: Painted Stainless steel chassis, 4U height, 19" or 23" wide mounting system, accepting up to 12 FRM401 series quad port card converters
Compatibility: Accepts all models of media converters from FRM401 line card series, hot swappable converters (allowing changing of individual cards during operation)
Management: SNMP management module supporting console, telnet and SNMP management through NMS software
Features: supports auto recovery function, restoring all system settings to original working status when the power is resumed
Cards: 12 slots for FRM401 series quad port card media converters, 2 slots for power supply units, 1 slot for SNMP management card
Power: 90-260V AC or -18 to -56V DC hot swappable power supply units, 2 slots available on chassis
Temperature: 0 5°C (Operating); 0 7°C (Storage)
Humidity: 20 80% non condensing (Operating); 0 90% (Storage)
Power Consumption: 150W
Dimensions(WxDxH): 438mm x 285mm x 180mm
Weight: 5.75Kg (unpopulated chassis)
Compliance: CE Mark, FCC part 15 Class A
MTBF: 80,000 hours

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