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4 in. firestop sleeve kit

Specified Technology Part No.: FS401

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4 in. firestop sleeve kit: includes one 4 in. (102 mm) sleeve, two large escutcheon plates, two firestop gaskets, firestop putty and labels.

SpecSeal READY(TM)SLEEVE Pathways are a complete UL Classified out-of-the-box solution for new cable penetrations through walls.

Each sleeve kit contains a precut metallic sleeve, mounting escutcheons, intumescent escutcheon gaskets, wall warning labels, and the amount of putty required to seal both ends.

SpecSeal READY(TM)SLEEVE Pathway kits are simple in design and installation.

The larger 2" and 4". (51 and 102 mm) trade sizes, include a unique rolled lip design to eliminate potential sharp edges and do away with the need for conduit bushings.

Bushings are required (and included) for the 1" (25 mm) trade size sleeve.

SpecSeal READY(TM)SLEEVE Pathways are sized to the same O.D. as standard EMT (Electrical Mechanical Tubing) and will accept EMT accessories such as grounding bushings.

Additionally, SpecSeal READY(TM)SLEEVE Pathways provide an easy method for compliance with the sleeve attachment requirements of the 2000 IBC Section 711.2 without the need for struts or other bracing.


  • Economical - significant material and labor savings vs. field fabrication
  • Ready to install "out of the box" firestop sleeve kit - kit comes complete with no additional parts required
  • No external firestop seal required - factory-supplied intumescent firestop gasket
  • UL Classified and code compliant
  • Putty is FM Approved
  • For rated and non-rated barriers
  • Solid or split sleeves available
  • Available in three sizes - 1 in., 2 in. and 4 in.

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